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I started to do link building again for various sites and blogs. Searching for DoFollow sites is hard if you don’t know where and how to start. First I tried to find the sites what have “CommentLuv” plugin installed. After I tried to find directories with dofollow blogs and sites, and I found several like DoFollow.us and Links DoFollow.com. Anyway if you are interested to find such sites, a simple search on Google is not enough. Each sites is pretty unique from this point of view, and even if a blog is nofollow free, is very possible to have a limit of minim X comments until it will do your links dofollow.

Also if you want to check a site if is nofollow free you can use NoFollow Firefox addon from here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nodofollow/ . NoFollow Addon is helping me to see (is highlighting the links with blue if is do follow and red if is nofollow) if the sites is using nofollow on comments or not.

Do you want to reward your commenters from your blog? Then use CommentLuv and Show Top Commenters plugins in wordpress.

My new phone – Samsung Google nexus S

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

My new phone just arrived. Google Nexus S is a piece of “art”, full of features. For me is the perfect phone. I can read my email, rss feeds instantly and I can browse all my websites. Also the browser is a full featured browser (93 points from 100 in acid3 test, and in my firefox 3.6.13 under Ubuntu 10.10 I get 94 points :) ) with Adobe Flash on a Super AMOLED 4 inch screen. Also the Android market is full of applications and games. Everything on this phone is amazing.

Some of the features of the Nexus S are:

  • Near Field Communication
  • 1GHZ Processor ARM Cortex-A8 processor, Hummingbird chipset
  • PowerVR SGX540 GPU
  • Android Gingerbread 2.3
  • 4 “ Super AMOLED
  • 16GB of onboard storage
  • 512MB of RAM

Another nice features:

  • It can be used as WiFI hotspot.
  • Support for internet calling (VOIP)
  • Video recording in H.264, H.263 MPEG4
  • DLNA support
  • And not last Voice Actions
  • anti-fingerprint coating
  • capacitive touch functionality
  • multi-touch support
  • haptic feedback vibration


  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • micro USB
  • BlueTooth
  • WiFI


  • three-axis gyroscope
  • accelerometer
  • proximity sensor
  • light sensor

Also the battery is not bad at all, 6.7 hours on 3G or 14 hours on 2G and 17.8 days on 3G standby. I should charge it every 2 or 3 days, but this is not a problem at all.

The only bad thing was the price. I want to get it now and I should pay some extra to get it, because the phone is not launched in Eastern Europe and I get it from England, it was more expensive than the original price. Anyway, if you have patience, probably you can get it at a decent price.

If you are an Android developer this phone is a must, you should get it right away, because it came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and you will have all Google updates on time.

Anyway a full review and more impressions you can found here: Samsung Google Nexus S – The new Android phone from Google.

Debian Installer 6.0 Release Candidate 1 release

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m curios how this Debian installer will look. The features are amazing:

Live Installer
Grub 2
Kernel 2.6.32
Xen support
UserMode Linux Support

This are just several features. For more just check:

1. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Team
2. http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata
3. http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer

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New local kernel exploit

January 9, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a little bit old, but is worth to mention it because on a lot of system is still working. The proof of concept code and a lot of details you will find here: http://bit.ly/fYpOtx . This exploit is based on 3 vulnerabilities found by Nelson Elhage (probably because of that exploit is named full-nelson). As I said the exploit is based on 3 vulnerabilities CVE-2010-4258, CVE-2010-3849 and CVE-2010-3850. The last 2 vulnerabilities are based on Econet protocol driver. If you don’t have this driver loaded exploit will not work. The first vulnerability was founded on and is based on do_exit function which doesn’t handle properly a KERNEL_DS get_fs value.

Anyway the last 2 vulnerabilities were fixed on Debian Security Advisory 2126-1 and without them exploit is not working, so upgrade your computers.

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Vino-server (VNC) doesn’t work

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I experienced another nasty bug with vino server and Ubuntu 10.10 (some reports the same thing on other Distros, even on older versions of Ubuntu): After authenticating on VNC, the client windows is not updated.

All the events are sent by mouse correctly on the desktop (you can see the mouse moving and reacting at left/right click), but the VNC client window is not updated, in other words I see only the first image what I get it when I connected first time.

I found a workaround for this problem: uninstall compiz and everything will be all right. I believe this is a bug in vino-server and should be fixed on the next updates, but until then, removing the compiz is the best workaround. The bug is already reported here.

Good Luck!

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vino-server doesn’t start (crash)

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Long time, no see :)

I installed the alpha version of Ubuntu 10.10 and I had a small problem: VNC Server (vino-server) doesn’t start. If you take a look on your home folder, in file .xsession-errors probably you will find:

13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Autoprobing TCP port in (all) network interface
13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Listening IPv6://[::]:5900
13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Listening IPv4://
13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Autoprobing selected port 5900
13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Advertising security type: 'TLS' (18)
13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Advertising authentication type: 'VNC Authentication' (2)
13/10/2010 07:47:39 PM Advertising security type: 'VNC Authentication' (2)
** Message: Received signal 11, exiting...

I read a lot of solutions from internet about how to fix that and I will try to describe them here:

First, was the reinstall:

$ sudo aptitude reinstall vino-server

But doesn’t work for me.

Second, was to replace vino-server binary from /usr/lib/vino with the binary from Ubuntu 10.4, that worked, but I wasn’t totally satisfied (what it will happen at next upgrade ?)

After I study a little bit, the bug from Ubuntu launchpad, I found the best solution for me:

I disabled uPNP from my router. Yes, it is so simple. On my Linksys router I found uPNP under Administration -> Management.

So, no changes on my workstation and VNC works great.

Good Luck!

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Pictures that make sense

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Star Wars - Darth Vader

Star Wars - Darth Vader

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